Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thomas- Freaking- Voeckler!!!

Stage 5 looked like it might be a little squirrelly at the beginning with the crosswinds and narrow roads and true to form there were crashes and splits in the peleton. The day however belongs to the definition of "random French dude" Thomas Voeckler. Those of you who have followed the Tour for a few years may remember Mr Voeckler spending 10 days in yellow after snatching (or in reality US Postal gifting) the Maillot Janue the day after the TTT. We all knew that it was just a matter of time before Lance took the jersey back and that Voeckler was absolutely no threat at all to the overall GC contenders so it was nice to have the plucky little Frenchman scratching and clawing everyday to stay in yellow. One other note, Robert Gesink who was my pick to win the KOM jersey crashed pretty hard today and lost 10 minutes. It will be interesting to see if this affects his climbing at all when the High Mountains start in 2 days.

One more flattish stage tomorrow and then the fireworks start on Friday in the mountains!

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Brian said...

Ask the French and they think that it is natural for Voekler to win a stage as they believe him to be their best chance of a Frenchman winning the Tour again.

That said, how about the FRench journalist standing up during Lance' press availability the other day to thank him for reinvigorating interest in the Tour again?

I think we are seeing a kinder and gentler version of LA than previously shown ... and that is having an impact on his image across the pond.