Sunday, October 11, 2009

2010 Season

Now that the 2009 season is complete and I have taken my obligatory 2 weeks off from training it is time to start focusing on the coming year. This is a tentative schedule for next year and events can (and will) be added or subtracted based on how they fit into the overall Master Plan for next year. First some goals for the coming season.

  1. Run better off the bike-this has been an issue with me for many years and quite frankly I am sick of not running near my potential off the bike. I can run 1:26 for an open half marathon so I see no reason why I can't run 1:30-1:35 off the bike.
  2. Become a better swimmer-tired of the swim being a liability and having to go hard on the bike to make up time. Going to Masters 2-3 times a week and swimming on my own another time should take care of this.
  3. Raise my Functional Threshold Power to over 300 watts-besides going faster on the bike this will also set me up for a good run by going faster at a lower % of Threshold Power/HR.

Notice there are no "win my AG at such and such a race" or "break 5 hours at a HIM" as goals. If I take care of those 3 things then the AG placements and time goals will take care of themselves and even if they don't I will be personally satisfied with my performance if I feel like I raced to my fullest potential at my A races.

Now the "list":

  1. Wonderful Days of Winter 5k (1/2/10)-great race put on to benefit the preschool at our church
  2. Museum of Aviation Marathon (1/16/10)-flat 2 loop marathon around Robins AFB. Target is to Boston Qualify (under 3:15) and if I feel good maybe go under 3 hours.
  3. Tybee Island Half Marathon (2/6/10)-going to run and support my wife for her first half.
  4. Tundra Time Trial (2/20/10)-out and back time trial on the Silver Comet. Always a good indicator of preseason fitness (or lack thereof).
  5. Jog for a Cause 10k (3/13/10)-flat 2 loop course around North Point Mall area. Target is sub 39 minutes.
  6. ING Half Marathon (3/23/10)-hilly half marathon around downtown Atlanta.
  7. John Tanner Sprint (4/24/10)-fun sprint tri to open the season
  8. Gulf Coast Triathlon (Half Ironman) (5/8/10)-A race. I need to bring it for this one. Nuff said.
  9. West Point Lake Olympic (6/?)-Fun Olympic race in Lagrange GA.
  10. Peachtree Road Race (7/4/10)-world's largest 10k.
  11. Alaskan Cruise to celebrate 10th Anniversary (6/20-27/10)
  12. Chattanooga Olympic (7/?)-By far one of the best races in the Southeast. Target is to qualify for Age Group Nationals later on in the summer.
  13. Age Group Nationals-(8/?)-This year was brutal, hopefully next year won't be.
  14. Augusta 70.3 (9/26/10)-A race. I have a score to settle with the run course here.

The A races are Museum of Aviation, Gulf Coast, and Augusta. The rest are B and C races and will be added or subtracted as warranted by training.


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Bill in Atlanta said...

To go 1:30 on the run, dedicate one 70.3 race to this purpose. If you will take this challenge, to the extreme, you will learn much which will lead to doing a sub 1:30 after near-max swim and bike efforts. The goal then becomes arriving at the start of the run feeling fresh. Some tactics to consider: nutrition (what's the most food you can stomach during the "rolling buffet"?), cycle fit and position (consider having your bars higher for this one race, or literally riding a "comfort bike"), cycling pace (what's the slowest pace you can stand? or how to ride 56 miles, on the aerobars, while keeping the HR in zone TWO -- yes, zone two, can you hold yourself back? the patience required is a huge mental obstacle). Remember the #1 goal is to run 1:30. The bike split doesn't matter. To go fast, you must learn to go slow. You have to check your ego when other bikes are blasting past you. The good news is once you get to mile 7 on the run, you can turn loose all that frustration and run the last 10K in sub 40. Good luck!