Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Speedo....

Dear Mr. Speedo Guy,

Wearing a speedo should in and of itself be considered a crime against humanity, however there are provisions that are made in the Man Code for the wear and apperance of the speedo. According to Part 603, paragraphs c and d of the Man Code the wear of a speedo to swim or to the beach (or anywhere else in public for that matter) shall be limited to: "former swimmers who have maintained their physique or those who look like Arnold in his prime." Mr. Speedo as evidenced by your flailing swim stroke you don't fit into the first category and judging from your beer gut you don't fit in the second one as well. I want to thank you for standing at the end of the pool right at eye level as I was just finishing up my last 4x500 set and was about to vomit anyway. You in your "banana hammock" will be forever seeared into my brain.

Your Friend,


m said...

Heh, I thought of this when there was a guy at my pool wearing a tiny Speedo. Blech.

rhodespedal said...

Lol... Don't go to Europe or South Beach... ;)