Thursday, January 8, 2009

From The Mouths of Babes......

So I am tucking in the Bean (she's 5) and we are having a conversation about how bummed she is her BFF is turning 6 soon and she will be the only one who is still 5 (her birthday is in June). I told her that it isn't such a bad thing being the youngest one, and asked her how old she thought Daddy is....she said "Well, you are taller than Mommy so I think you are 58" (I am really 37). So then I asked her "How old do you think Mommy is then?", she thinks for a minute and then replies "Well Mommy is shorter than you are so she has to be about 39." (she is actually 31 but that was relatively close). Curious as to what she would say I asked her how old she thought Mimi and Pops (wife's parents) and Beba (my mom) are...she didn't even think about it and said "Oh Daddy, they are just OLD!". Needless to say I won't be calling my Mom or MIL to tell them about that one.

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