Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dawgs manage to pull out the W....

but it wasn't pretty!

I have yet to figure out how a team with this much talent consistantly underacheieves week in and week out. The Offense disappears for stretches at a time, the Defense seems incapable of stopping even the worst offenses, even the Special Teams have struggled. Is this a motivation problem? Poor coaching? The talent is obviously there, we have seen each unit shine at one point or another during the year, but not at the same time in the same game. LSU is about as close as they have come and the Defense was shredded by a Freshman QB.

Two more chances to get it right before 2008 is over. The Defense and Special Teams better work on wrapping up the ball carrier or we could be in for a long day against the Nerds.

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Heather said...

I like the new blog - yet another website I have to read now. :)