Saturday, November 22, 2008

Football Thoughts....

1) Stewart Mandel is a tool...
2) Tennessee v Vandy....have there been two more inept offensive teams in the history of the SEC?
3)Ole Miss-Don't sleep on the Rebels, they are going to be really good, really soon.
4) OSU-Michigan-Does this game matter to anyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line?
5) I feel sorry for whomever has to play Utah in the BCS games...they are good!
6) Oklahoma is JACKED! I will be surprised if the final of this game isn't 49-7. Texas Tech is rattled.
7) I would really like to see Oregon State win out so USC has to go to the Holiday Bowl.
8) The Big East and ACC are atrocious....their automatic BCS bids should be revoked.
9) After watching GA Tech on Thursday night, our Defense better have spent the Bye week learning how to tackle or it is going to be a long day next week Between the Hedges.
10) Anytime Notre Dame loses is a good day.

Post your thoughts in the comments....

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Kellye Mills said...

Maybe I should let you know now, since we're just becoming friends and all, that I'm an Auburn Tiger! :)